The last few years of TV have seen a gratuitous amount of reboots. Whether or not we REALLY needed Fuller House is up for debate, but Studio360 thinks we deserve new episodes of these shows. Which shows do YOU think deserve a second chance?
  1. Pushing Daises
    Studio360's not the only one who wants to see this show again: it won Esquire’s “TV Reboot Tournament” last year.
  2. Family Matters
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    Let’s be real, we’ve all tried to learn the Urkel dance. The show was so fun, and watching the Winslows each week really felt like hanging out with a family.
  3. Charmed
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    While the later seasons deviated from the show’s original focus on sisterhood and witchcraft, the campy antics and outrageous costumes kept it somewhat enjoyable. There have been rumors about a reboot for a few years, so it would be great to finally put them to rest, no?
  4. Ghostwriter
    Watching a diverse group of incredibly polite children and the eponymous literary-minded ghost solve crimes in and around Brooklyn was not a problem.
  5. A Different World
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    The fashion was incredible, all the guest stars were amazing (seriously, everyone from Tupac to Lena Horne was on that show), and it's still both funny and relevant over 20 years later. Debbie Allen's ready, so who else is in?