Wnyc's Hack Your Lunch

We challenge ourselves to bring our lunch to work every day for a week – to save money, feel better, and make each other jealous! http://hackyourlunch.tumblr.com/
  1. “Leftovers. My mom made it.” —Kevin
  2. “Years ago, I noticed that it takes about a pound of food for me to feel full at lunchtime. That was back in my 20’s, and I still eat a lot. When I pack my own lunch, I know I’ll probably be satisfied if I fill one of these plastic containers.” —Ilya
  3. “People get jealous when they smell my meatballs.” —Amy
  4. “Worst case scenario: throw whatever leftovers you’ve got in the fridge in a container and you’ve got lunch.” —Ben
  5. “After years of eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I needed to regain my youthful look. I decided to stop eating fast for lunch every day and began bringing my leftover dinners for lunch. I’ve lost too many inches some would say, but I regained my “girly figure,” not to mention all the money and time I’ve saved!” —Susan
  6. “I think the perfect lunch always has fruit.” —Louisa
  7. "I get home late on most nights, so it’s a real slog to make lunch. Today’s lunch is a mess because I had to improv big time. I wanted to make a carbonara, but we didn’t have eggs – so it’s just a lot of bacon in a red sauce. The bread’s to take up space.” —Juan
  8. “Lunch is my main meal of the day. So I like to get a lot of nutrition in there and a lot of colors. My husband usually makes my salad because he has more time in the morning. So it’s a love thing, too. He supports my vegetable habit. …” —Theodora
  9. “I bring lunch every day. I start my workday at 4:30 a.m., so lunch time for me is often around 9:30. While my coworkers are getting their morning coffee, I’m usually microwaving a big bowl of beans and greens, or, if I’m lucky, some leftovers from whatever deliciousness my partner cooked the night before.” —Alec
  10. “Every day I bring the exact same lunch. It’s a cucumber with hummus and sriracha. I also bring popcorn, a grapefruit and a nectarine to snack on.” —Sarah
  11. “I sometimes take my daughter’s lunch box to work and make the same lunch I make for my kids: Roll-ups, fruits and vegetables.” —Paula
  12. “I know what I like and all I need is a simple homemade sandwich to get me through the day.” —Simon
  13. “I bring my lunch to work to save money and to avoid feeling ripped off by the chain stores around here. I hate spending $6 on a supermarket avocado roll that’s not even that good. My pro tip for bringing your lunch is to spend the money on the Tupperware or bento box you like most. Then you’ll want to use it more! …” —Kasia
  14. “A few years ago I was shopping for kitchen items and came across this grown-up looking lunchbox by Martha Stewart. I figured it would save me from wasting aluminum foil and I love it. I bring my lunch to work at least a couple of days a week, not just to save money but because it helps me eat healthy and ensures that I eat a real meal.” —Beth