Celebrity chef, best-selling author and host of CNN's Anthony @Bourdain: Parts Unknown is not only launching the show’s 8th season this month but also publishing Appetites, his first cookbook in 10 years, in October. Here, the professional globe-trotter reveals what’s on his phone and the staggering number of unread emails sitting in his inbox.
  1. Craziest place you ever left your phone
    A karaoke club in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. First app checked in the morning/last before bedtime
    Probably Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Most-surprising app you depend on
    The List App (li.st).
  4. Favorite ringtone
    Standard. I hate novelty ringtones.
  5. Number of contacts in phone
    Less than you might think. About a hundred.
  6. Favorite food/restaurant-related app
    They have those?
  7. Number of unread emails
  8. Most-watched entertainment app and favorite show
    Netflix. I try to keep up with Archer.
  9. Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed
    Me having bun cha and beer with President Obama in a family-run restaurant in Hanoi. The previous record holder was a shot of an In-N-Out burger.
  10. Most-essential apps while traveling
    Flight Tracker. Google Maps. iTunes. Netflix. Uber.
  11. Favorite Instagram feed
    @danaherjohn (John Danaher, grappling and jujitsu guru). Also @joebeefmtl (by David McMillan of Montreal’s brilliant Joe Beef restaurant).
  12. Game you really wish you could delete
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. But my daughter loves it.
  13. Funniest text message of the week
    Not telling. But it was pretty funny.
  14. Most-listened-to artist
    Lately, The Kills, “Heart of a Dog.”
  15. Strangest auto-correct mishap
    I think the word anal was involved.
  16. Favorite emoji
    Don’t use them. But if I want my friends to think I’m losing my mind I will use a rainbow and a unicorn.
  17. Favorite podcast
    The Joe Rogan Experience.
  18. Favorite fitness/workout app
    None. Though I keep up with jujitsu forums on Reddit.
  19. Alarm settings
    Always early—6 a.m., wherever I am.