The actress, director and producer’s latest role: co-founder of WhoHaha, the recently launched digital platform that features funny women, from Amy Schumer to Mindy Kaling, and their laugh-out-loud content.
  1. Number of contacts in phone
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  2. Number of unread emails
  3. Most-recent Uber ride
    Home from dinner at Paley in Hollywood (8.3 miles/$12.26).
  4. Most-listened-to music
    Spotify’s “Chill” playlists.
  5. Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed
    Screen shot 2016 06 16 at 12.49.51 pm
    A selfie with castmates from The Hunger Games at the Los Angeles premiere.
  6. Favorite Instagram feed
    @iss (International Space Station) and all the astronauts on the ISS.
  7. Funniest text message of the week
    From my friend Ben Falcone, trying to make dinner plans: “Friday the 13th? We can kill a ghost or eat cheese.”
  8. Cities listed in weather app and world clock
    Los Angeles, New York, Venice, Paris, Berlin, Park City, Atlanta, Pittsfield [her Massachusetts hometown].
  9. Craziest place you’ve ever lost your phone
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    On top of the toilet paper dispenser in an airport bathroom.
  10. Most-surprising app you depend on
    Diptic—I have two kids, and this allows me to paste them together into one photo.
  11. Strangest auto-correct mishap
    To a VIP I was congratulating: “Enjoy the day” turned into “Enjoy therapy.”