House of the Day: A $16 Million Penthouse in Manhattan

This four-bedroom penthouse in Midtown East comes with a solarium and plenty of outside space, including a private rooftop terrace. (Photos by Andrew Kiracofe)
  1. The Midtown East penthouse was purchased for about $4.3 million in 2010.
    Amy Chanos, 64 years old, was looking for a home that had outdoor space and was large enough for her four children to reside there if they needed to.
  2. The solarium
    Chanos says when you walk in the solarium, it feels like you're suspended over the cars and traffic.
  3. Chanos spent $2 million to renovate and redecorate
    It took about two years and she moved into the home in 2012.
  4. One of four bedrooms
    The rooms throughout are painted and wallpapered with vibrant colors. Chanos says she wanted to evoke the feeling of being in Venice.
  5. Chanos is selling because the youngest of her children will be finding his own place
    "It’s crazy to me to have all this space."
  6. The kitchen
  7. A guest bedroom
  8. The expansive bathroom
  9. The master bedroom with a mirrored mantel
  10. A huge closet
    Chanos estimates she has about a hundred pairs of shoes.
  11. The terrace and Palladian-style French doors
  12. A view of the 59th Street Bridge from the rooftop
    Chanos says that when she's inside she doesn’t hear any traffic. "To be so close to bridge and not hear anything is extraordinary."