Happy Monday! Want to quit your job? Here's how to do it — with class. http://on.wsj.com/1VpjFEi
  1. When asked why you are leaving, give general reasons.
    Such as a new opportunity, an easier commute or a better fit for your family. Avoid any talk of mistreatment or other complaints.
  2. If you have to vent, do it elsewhere and only with family and friends.
    Making a scene or trying to get vigilante justice may feel good, but offenders usually become the subject of gossip and cautionary lore around the office.
  3. Keep in mind you may encounter bosses and colleagues or their friends as future customers or co-workers.
  4. Set a lunch date one or two months in the future with the four or five colleagues you value most.
    Thank them for the specific ways they helped to shore up valuable relationships.
  5. In exit interviews, give more positive than negative feedback. Be calm and diplomatic.
    Exit-interview responses are usually confidential, but executives can sometimes figure out who gave critical feedback.
  6. Help others to pick up your responsibilities.
  7. Set a goal to leave with your reputation and relationships intact.
  8. Work hard until your last day is over.
    If you’re forced to do the perp walk, “have a smile on your face, even if that’s not how you feel."