Male CEOs Respond to the Female Question: What’s Your Work-Life Balance Like?

Work-life balance isn’t a women’s issue. But it often feels that way. So we asked 25 male CEOs about balancing work and family.
  1. “It’s really difficult having two things in your life that are such high priority. You always feel like you’re sub-optimizing for both.”
    Aaron Bell, AdRoll - Married with two young children (Photo: The Bell Family)
  2. "Work-life balance is working as little as you can to get the important stuff done and then taking all the other time and putting it against your family or your interests."
    Steve Hafner, Kayak Software Corp. - Engaged with three school-aged children and one young child (Photo: Jessie Nieder for Wall Street Journal)
  3. “My work-life balance isn’t great. My wife understands that.”
    Reggie Aggarwal, Cvent - Married with one school-aged child and two young children (Photo: NYSE EURONEXT)
  4. "I don't think there's such a thing as balance when you're in an intense startup environment. People talk about trying to find it, but I don't think that's very real...My wife and I had a lot of conversations leading up to [having children], knowing how intensive it was going to be and that I'd have to count on her to take the lead parent role."
    Logan Green, Lyft - Married with two young children (Photo: Noah Berger/Associated Press)
  5. "It’s a struggle. I think of it as finding some harmony between work and life. Even if it’s just small things. Like if I take my daughter to a lacrosse game, how much time am I on the phone versus actually watching her lacrosse game? I strive for the few moments that I’m doing something with them that I’m actually present."
    Satya Nadella, Microsoft - Married with three school-aged children (Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News)
  6. “When you leave home and when you leave the hospital, you always feel guilty. You don’t get to be a CEO--certainly not a successful CEO--unless you’re giving a big percentage of your time.”
    Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic - Married with two grown children (Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News)
  7. “I talk to my kids all the time about what I do...they know top-to-bottom how this company works, what I do, what private-equity is, what the retail business is, even our e-commerce strategy.”
    James Rhee, Ashley Stewart - Married with three school-aged children (Photo: Ashley Stewart)
  8. In 2001, Mark Bertolini had all the trappings of a successful life: a “beautiful house,” “multiple millions of dollars,” and “the perfect family,” according to the insurance executive. Then his son, Eric, was diagnosed with cancer.
    “I realized how little I had been around. I realized how little my fortune and connections could help him,” Mr. Bertolini says. He left his then-job at Cigna and moved into Eric’s hospital room in Boston for a year. Mark Bertolini, Aetna - Divorced, and in another relationship. Two grown children (Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News)
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