Who Are Donald Trump's Supporters?

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  1. They’re united by economic anxiety. Trump voters tend to have lower incomes, while establishment voters tend to be wealthier.
  2. Trump voters have less education: only 38 out of 100 have college degrees.
  3. More than 80% of Trump backers think immigration hurts the U.S. more than it helps.
  4. And 55% of Trump supporters believe free trade—a GOP staple—is bad for the U.S.
  5. They oppose gay marriage.
  6. And they overwhelmingly support gun rights.
  7. Trump voters are the least religious group in the Republican Party.
  8. Compared with social conservatives, Trump voters are less likely to align themselves with the anti-abortion movement.
  9. Trump voters don’t have a single idealogical identity.
    They rate themselves as less conservative than do social conservatives —and more conservative than establishment voters.
  10. The Trump coalition is something new: A secular, populist movement that doesn’t identify with the establishment centrist bloc or the conservative wing of the Republican Party.