Celebrities My Son and Others Think I Look Like 📁

Here, I'll contribute to #draftmas
  1. Wil Wheaton
    My son saw him on a commercial and said, "Dad, you're on TV!" I get this from everyone, though. I still have the Wesley Crusher action figure someone bought for me as a joke 9 years ago because it's the closest thing I'll ever get to having an action figure of my own. Let me know if they make action figures with nervous stomachs and breathing problems around girls.
  2. Yakov Smirnoff
    While watching the PBS Robin Williams retrospective. "But his head is taller than yours," my son said.
  3. Billy Crystal
    I've only recently started to get this one, and even I've noticed it, based on this one picture. Maybe the age-aided high forehead and non-jowl jowls?
  4. Hugh Grant
    I only ever got this directly after Four Weddings, not when he finally got a haircut and was all cool in About A Boy.
  5. Paul McCartney
    Bearded, Let It Be-era.
  6. Jimmy Stewart
    A woman named Jeanette Martinez told me this while in between calls at a terrible hellhole of a telemarketing job when I was 19 and it has carried me through the past 18 years.