I don't see a lot of horses.
  1. The Rural Academy Theater
    Saw this horse-pulled theater troupe twice in two business days. Once on the way to my bus after work, and the same horse on the country road I use to drive home. Traffic backed up for miles going the opposite way. The smell was naturally quite gross. The earth is not your toilet, same horse.
  2. My Cousins' Neighbor, Whom I Loved From 100 Legal Yards
    My cousins lived in a rural area of Pennsylvania, where all the houses were separated by great fields. The neighbor family had a stable and the kind of house the Ewings would have if they lost about 75% of their wealth and were forced to downsize in Central PA. I was 14 the two times I saw the neighbor's daughter upon her majestic steed. I never met her, or got any closer than that hundred hilly yards, but somehow I knew she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I wonder where she is now.