1. Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog
    Introduced me to Canadian actress Margot Finley, the first lead of the movie I started writing in this era and still have not completed. She is out of acting now, but no closer to becoming my wife.
  2. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
    Forgetting that Sally Field voiced Sassy and that I have a second cousin who looks very similar to Reynolds-era Sally Field, I saw this movie two days in a row. Once with my grandma, the next night with a friend of mine. While in the lobby that night, just about to walk into the theater marked "Homeward Bound," my first love happened to pass by. I asked what movie she was there to see and she pointed toward Army Of Darkness. I told her I was seeing Alive. Alive was not playing at this theater.
  3. Lassie
    After the movie, I took out one of my pap's railroad business cards that I kept in my velcro wallet, and on it I wrote the name of another actress from a dog movie whom I would hopefully work with one day. Her name was Michelle Williams and to this day I accept partial credit for her later success. The role she was playing in my still-unfinished screenplay was eerily similar to the one she later played on Dawson's Creek, only less easy. Jen was pretty easy at first, wasn't she?
  4. The Truth About Cats & Dogs
    At the time, I didn't make the connection - that my grandma saw "dogs" in the title and thought she and my pap should take their 18-year-old grandson to see a sneak preview of it on a Saturday night. Let me tell you, that was the longest unadvertised phone sex scene in a PG-13 movie ever, sitting there between my two grandparents. Later I married a woman whose voice and look were often mistaken for Janeane Garofalo, the same woman I would later divorce, so there's your love connection, bastards.