Inspired by @Fitz - this will hopefully give us something to do tonight. Fill me out, y'allz. Here are some choice quotes for inspiration.
  1. Purposely left off this list: "K/I/T don't ever change" messages that are signed with only a first name and a 555 number.
  2. Obviously we should start with my "first love" - mentioned in my previous list.
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  3. I think this was a girl named Danielle. To her, I was a "sweat heart." I was the Albert Brooks in Broadcast News of the school paper in 9th grade.
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  4. Who ARE these people? I had to censor so much of my yearbook, just in case my parents got a hold of it and wondered why I talked to so many people who said "shit" in a friendly way.
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    Why did I pick this yearbook over my 7th and 8th grade ones, from a time before anyone knew swears.
  5. Ryan Michaels was completely unhittable in Little League. I had to catch for him in the pre-All Star Game (it was like a tryout for the actual All-Star Game). I was good in the field, but not so much with hitting. Anyway, Ryan threw one pitch at me in the bullpen that was so fast, it hit me in the chest before I even raised the mitt.
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  6. Good ol' Mike. Note: Kylie's number was written in by me, copied from someone ELSE'S yearbook. She was so hot back then, and now is honest-to-Pete married to this Sheik or something. Used to see her in the mall wearing a burka. You could still tell it was her because you could see her nipples through any fabric. Those things were legendary.
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  7. My best friend Jason Barlick that Mike was referring to up there. We had a massive falling out over the religious girl Jenn (of King Ralph fame). He was interested in her and I absolutely forbid it. We pushed and shoved each other for MAYbe 30 seconds.
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    "She's mine." (push) "She's MINE!" (shove) "No, she's mine!" (push) "Hey, you thirsty? Let's get some tea."
  8. A note to myself. I think I just needed to fill in a blank space.
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  9. I myself am strange and unusual... This, according to most every girl in my 9th grade class.
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  10. Courtney Chadwick was always super cool, in a Catherine Zeta-Jones in High Fidelity kind of way. I like how she makes no attempt to sugarcoat the fact that I will likely be spending the summer alone inside the house, pointedly not giving me her phone number.
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  11. A message hidden deep within the 64-page yearbook, this one from the English teacher whose only advice, no matter what the situation, was "Write about it."
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  12. The mix tape you made for prom was rad! Stay cool this summer 😎
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  13. Haha! Love seeing the old comments! Thanks for sharing and for all your lists! Stay amazing!
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