I suppose I could also be seen as creepy, but I only sit in the very back corner of the bus because I'm the last one off, and yes, also so that I can write about all of the people I see without them looking over my shoulder.
  1. He would talk to me and interrupt my flow.
    I like many varying types of music, so if I'm listening to say, the soundtrack to Gremlins and give him a nod, he might say something, and if I take the headphones out to find out what he said and he says, "Nevermind," I'm going to kick myself for not bringing the iPod that has Nirvana on it.
  2. He could stab me.
    Listen, I don't know what his deal is. I saw him smile once, and when I looked around to see what he could be smiling at, all I saw was a dead chipmunk in his field of vision.
  3. We could become friends.
    We might share great taste in milks & music, I dunno, but I give this guy a nod and we become fast buddies, the effect it could have on any future bus relationships I may enter into could be disastrous, despite the fact that it's going on 5 years now with zero female interest whatsoever. This guy has already creeped out one of my love interests, the one with the stockings, by taking the initiative and sitting next to her, so if she saw us talking, I fear that she would think we were in cahoots.
  4. He might already be reading my thoughts.
    He has looked back at me 3 times today. The 1st time, it was after our mutual love exited the bus. I thought maybe he was just taking stock of who was still around, so he could pick at his hair or whatever, but the next time he looked at me, it was right after I noticed that his shoe was untied. He turned around and looked me right in the eye, just as the ARP synth from The Fury was playing, then tucked the laces into the sides of his shoe. He looked back again before he got off; I did not nod.