Records I Listened to Today During a Crippling Bout of Childless Solitude

This list is dedicated to a friend who accused me of being a collector, not a listener. That's bullshit.
  1. New Moon - Elliott Smith
    As I listed about somewhat earlier today. A nice "catch-some" for his 1994-1997 rarities. Mostly from the Either/Or sessions, so if you're into that album at all, you owe it to yourself to hear its would-be title track and the "other version" of "Pretty Mary K" (the boot of this didn't have any percussion and I prefer that, honestly, but I have grown used to the official version).
  2. Blood On The Tracks - Bob
    A nice copy that I couldn't not buy. Brings me right back to the days I lived next door to the married woman I was in love with. I used to play this at her through the wall. I don't think she could hear Dylan's frequency.
  3. Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads
    Another album purchased on principle today. This version of "Psycho Killer" has been my go-to for years. Reminds me to listen to the studio version of "Girlfriend Is Better," coming to a mix tape near you.
  4. Head First - The Babys
    Found at a coffee shop that sells used vinyl. Overpriced mostly, but I had a gift card and the barista was cute in an earthy, but non-mustache way (she likes prog & country rock, which is curious but, yes, still attractive). This is John Waite's old band. I heard "Every Time I Think Of You" a year ago and it became one of my favorites. That outro, man. How is this not the last song on the album? If this is on a mix tape I give to you, it is probably because I would be fine with us being married.
  5. Star Wars - Wilco
    What a grower this was. This came out the night I saw Trainwreck, so I think my Apatow disappointment spilled over into my first few listens. Easy to listen to on repeat due to its brevity. I'd probably listen to way more albums straight through if they were 30 minutes long again (I think 45 is about ideal, though). Also recommended for its get-in, get-out nature: Will Butler's excellent album, Policy.
  6. The Beatles
    The reviews that compared Wilco's newest to The Beatles made me want to listen to them back to back all the time. New listeners on Spotify, let me recommend one of The Beatles' hidden gems called ALL OF THEIR STUDIO RECORDINGS. You're welcome, younger people. Also of note, when doing my Cruise-in-Cocktail moves with the first record in this set, it slipped out of my hand and SMACKED off the side of my turntable. Huge scratch right through the entirety of "Happiness." Gutted. This was new.
  7. Modern Guilt - Beck
    I haven't listened to this album in years. It still smells like California. I had grown tired of Danger Mouse's sound years ago, but it was nice to revisit this one today. Another short album, my only wish is that he would have included "Vampire Voltage No. 6" on the album proper. "Chemtrails" is basically a Beta Band rewrite. Title track will surely be on several upcoming mixes.
  8. Alone In The Universe - ELO
    Sounds even less like Canon ELO than Zoom, this was a dud upon release, outside of the first and last track. Another album that barely hits 30 minutes, which in this case, feels like a bit of a cheat, given the fact that Lynne records hundreds of songs a week and craps out 30 minutes every five to fifteen years. A couple more songs stood out this time, but I regret the blind purchase I made of this out of brand loyalty.
  9. The Seeds Of Love - Tears For Fears
    A copy found for basically nothing at Record Surplus (then on Pico), there is a bit of dry paint on "Woman In Chains," but better that (strange album opener anyway) than messing with my favorite song of all time, "Sowing The Seeds Of Love." It's no Big Chair, and the "Adult Contemporary Arena" non-singles are as unfortunate as they are lengthy, but "Swords and Knives" and "Famous Last Words" are both late-album stunners that I can't recommend enough.
  10. No more records for tonight. Sam's here now and it's bedtime, but first he wanted to listen to the 45 of "Hey Jude" on his own record player one more time.
    Picture from yesterday, when I gave him the Charlie Brown record player.
  11. Talk to me about music, people. I love you all.