I have to give a presentation in front of only a small number of people, and these anecdotes are my only icebreakers.
  1. Peter Pan: The Musical, 1989
    Passed out on stage prior to my first line. Everyone in the audience thought it was part of the play, so, knowing it from their youth, instinctively started to clap. Clapping and clapping, to show that they believed. Soon it became evident that I was not getting up. Then people just got mad, like I was trying to upstage their kids. I remember coming to backstage, hearing a reprise of "I'm Flying" and asking why my head was wrapped in gauze. Someone had thrown a camcorder at me. Full-size VHS.
  2. Ms. Stacey's Funeral, 2011
    Attended the funeral of a beloved Math teacher in my hometown, and was surprised to be asked to give a brief eulogy on behalf of her former students. I thought I did all right, considering I hadn't prepared any remarks, but I was certainly taken aback by all the booing. It was 2011, so when a guy threw a video camera, it was digital, but when I waved my hand to bat it away, it smacked right off the closed casket.