Inspired by @biz this is the first 10 I could think of, based on rewatchability and ones I feel no shame in admitting. Also, somehow no Spielberg on here (E.T. or CE3K).
  1. JFK (1991)
    This is the movie that got me INTO movies and movie music (as I have mentioned before). Fascinating on every technical level.
  2. American Graffiti (1973)
    I love literally any "hangout" movie, so Dazed & Confused could also appear here.
  3. Diner (1982)
    And movies about friendship and ball-busting.
  4. Grand Canyon (1991)
    There is magic in the Hollywoodized realism of this movie (the score is perfect). I never want Kevin Kline to age. To this day I wish I could pull off a yellow shirt like Danny Glover in this.
  5. LA Story (1991)
    There is magic in the magic in this movie. Beautiful, hilarious, everything I wanted to do with my own writing when I grew up.
  6. Annie Hall (1977)
    Another movie I feel like I live over and over every single day. Woody Allen in the '70s was 💯. I include Play It Again, Sam as a Woody movie, despite him not directing it. It's up there on my list, too.
  7. Blow Out (1981)
    The Conversation should also be on here, but I am nothing if not a Brian De Palma apologist, and I make more people watch this than Coppola's umpteenth masterpiece. One of the first movies I would point to when people complained about widescreen vs. full-frame.
  8. The Big Lebowski (1998)
    A friend used to call this a modern-day Hamlet, and I always loved that. We've all seen this, and a lot of people like this for the wrong reasons (drugs), but it's still my favorite Coens movie (which is hard, because all of them are great, save one). Actually has a plot in which every promise pays off (The Dude says he'll be at his landlord's interpretive dance thing, and he GOES, despite all that's going on in his life).
  9. Wonder Boys (2000)
    The most recent movie on the list. I firmly believe that you can't put movies less than 10 years old on a list of all-time favorites. I could watch this movie every week. With this and LA Confidential, Curtis Hanson never needed to work again. Both of them completely perfect adaptations I want to live inside. It doesn't hurt that I'm from the area and I can feel every soggy, slushy side street Tripp trudges through.
  10. Fletch (1985)
    I had to put something on here that wasn't a critical darling, and it was this or Ghostbusters or Stripes or Sneakers. If I could be one literary or movie character, it would be Fletch. Chevy is not the Fletch as described physically, but you can't read the books (WHY DID THEY MAKE A SEQUEL AND NOT BASE IT ON ONE OF THE BOOKS???) and hear anyone else's voice.
  11. THE FUGITIVE (1993)
    I don't care, I'm editing to make this list go to 11. The Fugitive is the goddamn best.
  12. Honorable mentions
    Schizopolis, 10 Items Or Less, The Empire Strikes Back, The Shawshank Redemption, High Fidelity, Almost Famous (Untitled Cut, the only good director's cut ever), Airplane!, Anchorman (despite the second one ruining it by being the worst thing ever), Defending Your Life, The 'burbs, Quick Change, All The President's Men, Zodiac, Stranger Than Fiction, Sideways, It's A Wonderful Life, Vertigo, Die Hard, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Fog, BTTF!!!, Field Of Dreams, Glory, Poltergeist, Total Recall
  13. Further honorable mentions
    The Philadelphia Story, Dead Again, Falling Down, Out Of Sight, Jack The Bear, Matinee, The Rocketeer, Dave, Heart & Souls, The Firm, Heat, Dolores Claiborne, Fast Times, Pelham 123, The Sting, Catch-22, Sugarland Express, Black Sunday, Taxi Driver, Superman, The Omen, Chinatown, Once Upon A Time In The West, Cool Hand Luke, Planet Of The Apes, The Graduate, Rear Window, French Connection 1/2, The Jerk, Grease, Capricorn One, Better Off Dead, Risky Business, Alien Trilogy, About A Boy, Batman