1. Concern
    I don't think I remember the plot of The Mephisto Waltz enough to recount it directly into his ear during the embrace.
  2. I should have hugged my dad more.
    Oh no, my dad's still around, I just meant that I should have hugged my dad more leading up to my hug with Alan Alda, an actor who has always reminded me of my dad. I was eager to compare and contrast their hugging styles.
  3. Never big into autographs, I am much more into the personal interaction.
    I plan to tell him that I have been trying to get in on the ground floor in a Same Time, Next Year situation, but because I'm 7 years old in 1985, I don't think it would fly with AA. Instead I'll ask him if Radar was nice, or if he was full of himself because he was in the movie, too.