1. This wildly out of control essay on Tone-Lōc.
    I've been working on it off and on for three weeks and I just don't see why. UPDATE: it's finished, and it's just as awful as I imagined. But it's done! https://www.facebook.com/shaun.rutherford/posts/10206940969377415
  2. A book written by a friend about a subject I just don't enjoying reading in print.
    Books about Bond/Bauer types don't do it for me. It's far too easy for the author to try way too hard to make the character or action seem "AWESOME."
  3. Completing my 1970's Billy Cobham vinyl discography.
    Completely by chance and with no effort put forth by me, I've managed to obtain every album he released in the 1970s but one. I shall make this happen this weekend, as I know where to find it. See also: Paul Simon, though I don't want to pay out the nose for The Rhythm Of The Saints.