This is not something I make a habit of doing, but I knew all of these women prior to the date, so it is less creepy, right? It should be mentioned that most of the lady friends in the photographs would be unlikely to count these meet-ups as actual dates. But I did. I need this.
  1. Mary Catherine
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    Visiting from Oklahoma. The hope was that she would move to North Carolina and we would enter into Year Five of an old person's relationship. At this point, it does not seem likely.
  2. Joanna
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    Married muse/editor of mine, fruitlessly tuning a thrift store guitar. I knew of her in high school as "Girl With The Eyebrows." She had naturally dark eyebrows that belied her sandy hair, so she was easily identifiable in a crowd. I got to know her via some writing I had done that she liked. She is The One Who Believes In Me and I will always love her (platonically) for it.
  3. Shannon
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    Packing actual heat while out for ice cream. She is the daughter of one of my old babysitters from my youth, the hot babysitter from my formative pre-sexualized but curious years. That Shannon is strikingly gorgeous in real life (and here) is no surprise. That she is not my type at all (guns, piercings, etc.) and I still find her incredibly attractive is a testament to her as a whole person. If that makes sense.
  4. Laurie
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    Beaming at Baby's in State College, PA. She is a friend of a friend, the "Who is THAT?" you see when browsing your friend's Facebook. She's the kind of girl next door you dream about (well, I do), radiating warmth in her every look. Her deep religious beliefs would likely prevent any possible interest from her, as I just don't take anything that seriously anymore (unless it's about the Steelers or haphazardly-produced Deluxe Editions of albums I love). But gee whiz is she the prettiest thing.
  5. Karen
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    Taken when I wasn't sure if she would be coming back to the table. Karen is a very talented artist who was rocking the dress she wore that night, but I felt like I was more of a fan of hers artistically than I was in my heart. Still, I should have kissed her. It was a hot night and she was Ashley Judd sweating. I am an idiot.