A few of my favourite history books as I remember it on 30/01/17.

Not archaeology that's for a further list and not historical fiction again another list. I have left this open for people to please add your suggestions!!! love new reads.
  1. "Rubicon" Tom Holland
    The die is cast!
  2. "Tea addiction exploitation and empire" Roy Moxham
    What Brits will do for tea!
  3. "Nathaniel's Nutmeg" Giles Milton
    What the Dutch will give away for Nutmeg.
  4. "The isles" Norman Davis
    A true glorious door stop of a history
  5. "The Rifles" Mark Urban
    Real life Sharp
  6. Herodutos histories
    Father of history or Father of Lies (alternative facts)
  7. 'Dynasty' Tom Holland
    Boy did this family have problems
  8. The Venerable Bede "The Ecclesiastical History of the English People"
    He is called the Venerable need I say more.
  9. "Russian Roulette" Giles Milton
    The writer of Swallows and Amazons was a spy
  10. "A History of Rome" Cary and Scullard
    More a reference book but bless it got me through a level ancient history.
  11. "Roman Britain" Salway
    Everything you would ever need on Roman Britain
  12. "The decline and fall of the Roman Empire" Gibbon
    Truely historic book in its own right.