Board games I have loved and do love

inspired by a @andersun list though with more historic nostalgic overtones
  1. Risk
    Great classic of world domination can last for hours except when playing my wife who some how managed just to keep going forward.
  2. Diplomacy
    Lasts even longer than risk you have to go away and discuss your next moves with others. You end up not talking to your mates for ages
  3. Ticket to ride
    One of the latest games on my list have got into this recently love building genuine routes to much.
  4. Scotland Yard
    You had to hunt the criminal but not run out of transport tickets leaving you stranded. Played for ages with my parents and sister
  5. Red storm rising
    Played with my dad a game simulating what would happen if Russia invaded NATO needed lots of space.
  6. Go For Broke Trying to loose all your money how I hated winning on the horses
  7. The Business Game
    Combination of transport and mining and selling great pieces.
  8. Monopoly
    Needs no explanation though don't play against my wife she is mean.
  9. Journey through Britain
    Racing round the United Kingdom answering questions on the places you get to.
  10. Trivia pursuit
    What a game what knowledge you realised you did not know my Dad is the king of this game. Still remember the day I once beat him.