@jennifergster you are visiting Hadrians wall, great it's wonderful here is my recommendation on what to do. but there are little gems along its length.
  1. First thing to note is England is not USA or China ie it's not huge you can travel much of Hadrians wall easily in a day. You can walk it in a week and a half.
  2. Housesteds Roman fort
    My favourite site just off the wall a class example of a Roman military fort with the best example of Roman toilets in the country
  3. I would then walk along Hadrians wall west from Housesteds
    The wall follows the beautiful lines of the crags.
  4. Go along the wall and visit sycamore gap.
    Made famous by the Robin Hood prince of thieves when Kevin Coster made it from the south coast to hadrians wall in about 10 minutes.
  5. Visit the temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh
    Thus is a little gem and a glimpse into the world of the eastern soldiers posted on the far western front
  6. Vindolanda and Chesters Roman forts are worth a visit also.
  7. Or English Heritage site who manage the wall
  8. @jennifergster I hope you have a great time where are you staying. Do check out my Reasons to make the North East of England your next holiday list.