Favourite British Mountians

like my previous lists on cheeses and castles too many mountains to be definative so please suggest more. the list will change as I climb more or remember more mountains I have climbed or my mood changes.
  1. Cat Bells
    Great little mountain not high but has all you need to be a mountain steep climb some scrambling a quality summit and great view. Effort to reward ratio this is by far the best on the list. Do it in an afternoon or combine it with Maiden Moor Eye spy and the rest of the ridge for a day out.
  2. Blencathra
    Great Mountain on the side of the lake district. If you have a head for heights do it via sharps edge scramble. Both this and Catbells can be taken on from Keswick enjoy a Kennington bitter while your there.
  3. Pavey Arch
    Southern lakes part of the languages one of the most beautiful valleys in the lakes. One of the first mountains I climbed. Was not allowed to do it via Jake Rake went back at 18 and conquered the Rake.
  4. Snowden
    Into Wales the highest in that land. Have climbed it on a number of times never seen anything from the top always been covered in clowd. Love the route by Crib Goch.
  5. The Cobbler (Ben Arthur)
    Ignore the busy Ben Lomond on the bonny bonny banks of Loch lomond. Go slightly further north to the Arrochar Alps and tackle the slightly smaller Cobbler with a great rocky summit you won't forget it. Do you dare to reach the summit by threading the needle.
  6. Liathach
    Climbed when seventeen acceneded via the east peak then crossed the pinnacles Am Fasarinen (The Teeth) a hair raising sets of scrambles feeling like you could drop 3000ft any second. Great Fun.
  7. Lochnager
    Casting a shadow of Balmoral climbed by Queen Victoria on a horse. I have climbed it a number of times never on a horse. Climbing from Loch Muick that first glimpse of the glacial Loch and the peek above is great (see picture) also worth seeing the waterfalls of Glass Alt.
  8. Ben More
    On the Isle Mull only get able to by boat even though I climbed it on a bank holiday in August it was almost deserted. I climbed it from the sea to submit. Not likely to see much from the top as it's off the west coast of Scotland I did not buck the trend. Magnetic rocks on the summit so compass no use in the inevitable clowd.
  9. The cheviot
    Back to England the highest peak in Northumberland. Least we'll known of my choices gives it name to The Cheviot range of hills not busy and wonderful walking in striking distance of the beautiful NE coast.