Favourite cycling races that are not the Tour de France

@andersun for the first list from my 100 list suggestions I went with your cycling suggestion. in no particular order.
  1. Paris-Roubaix
    The cobbles, the dust/mud, the crashes and boy is it long the greatest of the day classics. I would put the other day classics in here as well but this is the one that stands out to me.
  2. Vuelta de Espana
    It in Spain it's a Grand Tour. I love Spain I love the mountains. It comes at the end of a hard year of races you have to be particularly tough to win.
  3. Tour de Yorkshire
    It a new race on the calendar it reminds me of the great day when the Tour de France came to the UK and set Yorkshire on fire for cycling. I love the fact they use 'de' in the title. It has soul which the tour of Britain sadly lacks.
  4. Criterium du dauphine
    You can start to identify contenders for that years tour de France. But is a cracking little stage race in its own right.
  5. Giro de Italia
    Sorry call me popularist but I love the 3 week Grand tours. The Giro with the highest mountains home of the pure climbers. You have to love the moment when a climber gets off his seat and dances up the mountains of Italy. And the toughest of them all wears pink.
  6. 😢 Sorry @andersun still love the Tour de France the most.
    It's the summit (pardon the pun) everyone their should be on their A game and gives us the most iconic moment in sports.