First 7 Jobs

@andersun suggested in my 100 list ideas 100th list. thought would be easy one to knock off but trying to remember. By Job I mean earn a pay packet I use to help m dad out by running bookstalls with him for years.
  1. Paperboy
    The free Heatonian up and down to every house in Heaton Norris. Avoid the dogs.
  2. Cleaner
    My church paid me to clean it on a Saturday morning.
  3. Assistant to a carpet cleaner
    Carrying the dirty buckets of water to the drains.
  4. Stadium Steward
    Started at the common wealth games in Manchester where I got to give permission to ex 200 meter sprinter John Regis to use the bathroom. Useful form of temporary work for many years.
  5. Exam invigilator
    Paid to sit quietly in a hall for hours on end.
  6. Caretaker
    I am rubbish at DIY spent most of my time picking up litter and setting up chairs. Does steadily turn you into caretaker Whilly from the Simpson hating children and teachers alike
  7. Independent Mental Health Advocate
    Giving a voice to those struggling with Mental illness what a privilege. My real passion.