Football (Soccer)players I have loved over the years

inspired by @DavidRobson list but all together different as I am British and it's legitimate to love soccer/football players more than your wife.
  1. Bryan Robson
    Great Midfielder before United got ruined by success had his picture on my wall holding the FA cup. It felt like if he played United won.
  2. Neil Web
    Could pick a beautiful cross field pass Beckham esk before the money became a post man
  3. Mark Hughes
    Quarter final volley kept Fergi in his Job.
  4. Gary Pallister
    If I were a professional footballer
  5. Lothar Matthäus
    Unstoppable midfielder controlled games
  6. Gabriel Batistuta
    What a sticker clinical in the finish and spent a lot of his career in purple
  7. Lee Todd
    Yes the one on our right great little fullback. Though the one on the left was quite good as well.
  8. Mike Flynn
    Great centre back for Stockport County with his long throw being a great weapon
  9. Kevin Frances (The Greyhound on stilts )
    6 foot 7inches knocked them in for fun in the 90's for Stockport
  10. Peter Schmeichel
    What a keeper for Denmark and Man United his son Caster is not half bad too.
  11. Alan Armstrong
    Led the line in our greatest ever season promotion to the chapionship and league cup semi final