Interested in you thoughts on this @Diplomatic_diva @andersun @marceline and anyone else hence it is an open list.
  1. As a bit of background.... I am proberbly could be deemed as being left of centre (if I was in the states that would be far left of course) I do not believe in the trickle down effect and the politics of greed. I believe politics should be about protecting the needy and vulnerable and not helping the rich and hoping it rubs off.
  2. Having said that in a general election I have never voted Labour this is due to always living I constituencies that if you put a red rosette (Labour) on a donkey It would get elected. So I have voted for third parties to keep my local MP honest. I feel often Labour can forget it's heartlands because of the UK's electoral system.
  3. I am pleased that the Conservatives did not get a bigger majority hopefully this will slow down the detrimental effects on many of the poor and vulnerable in our society.
  4. I think Teresa May felt she could kick Labour when it was down and went to the country believing it would be easy. The British electorate don't like being taken for granted or arrogance.
  5. The Conservatives fought an unusually shambolic campaign for the self styled party of power.
  6. The negativity of the Conservative and right wing media campaign contrasted completely with a more hope driven ideas based campaign from the left (however unrealistic the lefts ideas were)
  7. Though pleased I am very nervous of what a hung parliament will mean for the country as I am not sure politicians can change their ways and work constructively together.
  8. I am worried what the partnership of conservatives and DUP will mean for Northern Ireland and the very complicated diplomacy in it.
    Interested in you thoughts on this @Diplomatic_diva
  9. England has moved back to a two party system where the rest of the UK has become more diverse
    Particularly Scotland
  10. It's great to see young people engaging with politics I think this was because they were offered an alternative narrative not what they have been told for many years
    I am just pleased this was not a totalitarian right wing racist alternative.
  11. It great to see the hate filled divisive journalism of the tabloids had little affect. For many years they have claimed they can change elections
    It was truely sickening to see the right wing press attempt to utter assassination of Jeremy Corbyn who what ever you think of him has had personal conviction for many years a quality missing in many politicians
  12. I would love to have seena a live feed of the Daily Mail's editorial team as the night unfolded.
  13. Jeremy Corbyn 's smile on election night was one of the biggest you will ever see.
  14. Let's hope a miracle happens and this is a wake up call and parties start trying to work together for a better Britian and not just attack each other.
    Not counting 🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔 though
  15. I struggling to see how our divided country will be brought back together in the near future.
  16. As a lover of political theory it was a fascinating night as a person who lives in the UK it was vaguely worrying
  17. I expect we will be doing this again in the autumn with a Prime minister Boris trying to get a mandate 😲
    See you then
  18. I think you could be right:
    I think Theresa May's gamble to call a snap election backfired spectacularly. The bookies have slashed the odds on Boris Johnson launching a leadership bid for the Conservative Party. Seeing as the DUP does not want a "hard" Brexit, there could be trouble ahead with some Tory cabinet ministers such as David Davies and Liam Fox (and this could be why they have not entered into a formal Coalition arrangement). The Brexit negotiations will be even tougher now. We live in interesting times!
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