in a lot of things. These are those that came too me over the last couple of days
  1. Cheese should not come with fruit already in it.
    Wensleydale with Cranberries I'm looking at you.
  2. Pizza should be ate with your fingers
  3. On a cold bright clear crisp day I should be up a mountain
    See my favourite British mountains list
  4. When travelling on a bus people should not put a bag on the seat next to them.
  5. What ever they say everyone has something they are over competitive about.
  6. Beer should not be fizzy if I want fizzy I will have lemonade.
  7. Golf is great to listen to on the Radio
  8. Sweets were better with sugar and E numbers.
  9. Your life does not have to Sync.
    I'm talking to you Apple
  10. We need to support the vulnerable in our society
  11. Singing is great even though I can't do it in tune
  12. Stockport county will one day be great again
    Or at least in league football
  13. The Ancient Romans were better than the Ancient Greeks
  14. Control of fire arms
  15. Ending stigma for those with Mental Illness is vital
  16. The Apostles creed