Northerner geography or state of mind!
  1. I have allways lived north of Crewe
  2. I don't think a roast Dinner is complete with out at least 3 types of Potato preferably 4.
    Mashed, boiled, Roast, New, chip
  3. It's the norm to enter a house by the back door.
  4. I call trousers pants (not just an American thing)
    If they are not pants why do we call underpants underpants
  5. I use the right phonic sound for 'a'
    In bath path castle etc
  6. I grew up living next to a pigeon coup
    Yes my neighbour raced pigeon
  7. I only feel comfortable in a town when I can see one Greggs from the door of another
  8. I believe the streets of London are paved with Gold
  9. This is a hat.
  10. This is good weather
  11. This is a bun
  12. This is a barm
  13. Pudding should not be vegetarian
    (The wonders of proper suet)
  14. And most of all there is nothing finer on a wet afternoon than steak and kidney pudding chips mushy peas and gravey