This is above all hard list to write so many good cheeses many I have not tasted.
  1. Isle of Mull cheddar.
    Wonderfully naturally matured hard cheese from the Isle of Mull Dairy. Stong
  2. Cornish Yarg
    Preferably wrapped in nettles lovely creamy cheese delicate flavoured.
  3. Montgomery cheddar
    Another good Stong matured cheddar with cracking after taste.
  4. Creamy Lanchashire
    More moist than other of the Lanchashire cheeses
  5. 5 year old Dutch Gouda
    What a great nutty cheese with depth of flavour
  6. Auld Lochnager
    From royal Deeside Cambus O'May dairy. Great Mountain great cheese.
  7. Manchego
    Spanish hard sheep's milk cheese
  8. Vacherin du Haut-Doubs
    French soft rich cheese
  9. Wensleydale reserve
    Matured wensleydale great cheese from Hawes Yorkshire please please please don't buy wensleydale pre mixed with fruit.