as I think today! May well change soon, I am sure there is more but I need to sleep so I am publishing.
  1. "I'll keep coming home" Runrig
    Just won the Runrig top slot over "Every river"
  2. "The One I Love" REM
  3. "All I want is you" U2
    Just won out the U2 selection over "One" and "Love is blindness"
  4. "Fall at your Feet" Crowded House
    Just won the CH pole over "Glass of Water" and "Love you till the day I die"
  5. "Fly me to the Moon" Tony Bennett
    Controversially my favourite crooner
  6. "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong
  7. "Tunnel of Love" Dire Straits
    Set in a little Fairground in Whitley Bay
  8. "There is a light that never goes out" The Smiths
    Not sure this counts as a love song.