being added too as my feelings change
  1. A growing feeling of despair
  2. That sick feeling you get in the it of your stomach
  3. Confusion as to why over 50% of voting Britain's voted in a way I think to is totally stupid and dangerous
    Nb this includes people I know and respect.
  4. Fear at the rising tide of Nationalism world wide that we are now clearly part of.
  5. Who thought that a vote for Farage Johnson Grove and Grayling. Was an anti establishment vote for ordinary people.
  6. That I love Britain and hope that we remain a European outwardly focused tolerant compassionate nation.
  7. Is this the first time in my life time that the old saying "the more that things change the more they stay the same" does not ring true.
  8. Why can I not stop listening to the news
    It's like not being able to take your eyes off a car crash.