1. Ahhhh my electric razor foil has a couple of nick's in it.
  2. Can I shave carefully with it
  3. Ahhhh och no!
  4. Let's go to the supermarket ar lunch they will have a replacement
  5. Oh no, no electric razors
  6. Could I wet shave never done it before, how hard can it be?
  7. Need razors and shaving gell/foam So much choice this is worse than the screw and nail isle at B&Q
  8. Just go with the middle option of morrisons own brand range Gillette can't be worth that much more! Can it?
  9. Why is the only instructions on the stuff I brought only say 'shave' I KNOW THAT BUT HOW?!?!
  10. Google it ahh this is all so patronising I'm 36 why did I not ask Dad years ago, family are away will have a shower and try when I get home
  11. How hard can it be will plan it with military accuracy, strugging even to put the razor together.
  12. Have a shower warm wet water on the face.
  13. Get out the shaving gell, crikey this gell expands it's everywhere don't need to shave my hands
  14. OK get the blade ready what could go wrong
  15. What could go wrong
  16. I can do this right of passage
  17. Yes I am now a true man
  18. "What about a cut throat razor"
    Perhaps when I'm 66