Our rather muddled trip around Manchester Museum

come with us on a trip to Manchester and it's university museum. I took the boys so it was a rathe muddled whistle stop tour.
  1. We parked at the top of the school of dentistry 's carpark
  2. Good views if you like city scapes but as you would expect it's raining
  3. They are doing restoration work on the great victoriana building but they have decorated the hoardings rather well
    It's still raining
  4. My older son finds where the rain is pouring off the roof.
    Kids love getting wet.
  5. Easter island statue
    Borrowed from British Museum, who nicked it from Easter island
  6. Dinosaur stacks us as we walk in
  7. Then we come face to face with a giant spider crab
  8. We make parrot hats in the discovery room
    My younger son is obsessed with the trays of dead birds
  9. We have fun waiting for lunch in the cafe
    Rather nice cafe big cakes
  10. We meet an elephant that had once walked all the way from Scotland to the zoo at Bell View Manchester
  11. Next to the Egypt gallery sorry can't tell you much about this boys were not as fascinated by old stone carving as Dad is.
  12. This time mummies halted the kids dash to more dinosaurs but only for an instant
    More stuff nicked from else where the victoriana were great
  13. A wolf they were huge
    Don't worry it's stuffed not made to live in a glass display case.
  14. The T Rex (Stan)
    Needless to say the kids loved this. Though they were still more interested in a space they found behind some display boards
  15. More dinosaurs
    This was near the gap behind the display board hence a got a picture.
  16. The beautiful Victorian Animal Gallery with whale haggis from the roof
  17. More whale with white peace birds in front of it.
  18. More whale bones
  19. Kids got my phone
  20. More whale
  21. Dead snake
  22. Alive snake
  23. A impressive stuffed eagle
    Sorry about the photo quality two excitable boys don't lend to quality photography
  24. Some stuffed Cats
  25. A stuffed porkupine
    I know spelt wrong but this is how it should be spelt
  26. Would not want to meet him on a dark night
  27. Manchester Museum promote conservation just one of many galleries on this.
    Boys more interested in stuffed animals
  28. More stuffed animals
  29. More stuffed animals
  30. Thoughts on Manchester Museum
    Great for the kids on a wet Saturday afternoon even if they prevent you from a nice sensible trip seeing the stuff you want to see. No Roman coins!! Who would not want to see Roman coins over a T Rex
  31. More thoughts on Manchester Museum
    Is there anything the Victorians would not stuff!!!