1. I no longer enjoy getting a new phone it's just a change to deal with
    This applies to many technologies as in computers and MP3 players
  2. All Doctors look like Doogie Howser MD
  3. I am happy to take medication for any aliment.
    There were days when I would tough it out
  4. All new music reminds me of something else
  5. I enjoy making a noise when I sit down and get up.
  6. I have friends who don't remember my favourite ever football (soccer ) tournament
    Euro 96 for those that care.
  7. I still harp back to the days when ice lolly sticks had jokes on them.
  8. Joints of my body ache even when I have done no exercise.
  9. They teach my past in in the history syllabus
    Things like the fall of the Berlin wall
  10. I start many sentences with do you remember when...