this is to watch obviously if God had wanted me to ride a bike he would have given me wheels. (I have a mountain bike currently blocked into my garage )
  1. The TDF is the greatest stage road race in the world.
  2. There are huge crowds lining the roads waiting for a seconds glimpse of their heros
  3. The competition is so wonderful. Can the leading riders out wit each other over weeks of racing.
  4. It's a team sport! Many think it's about individuals but you need a team to win and how you use the team gets you a tactical advantage.
    The sacrifice of the humble domestic rider for their leader is truly inspirational
  5. The mountains, man and bike fighting up the steepest of gradient in Europe
    That moment when a GC contender attacks on the mountain is one of the great moments in sport.
  6. The mountain decents are fast and treacherous
    High speed jaw dropping action for a few seconds advantage
  7. The sprints
    The chaos and pression of a TDF sprint is a true thing of beauty with only the bravest winning.
  8. The different jerseys
    Yellow overall winner Green the best points normally a sprinter Red poker dots. The king of the mountains
  9. Cross winds and crashes
    Things like change I'm wind direction or a poorly timed crash can change how the race is won and lost.
  10. Supporting it is a exclusive but friendly club
    Of you have made it past the drug scandals the poor media coverage and have followed it for a number of years. You are in an exclusive club of people who love and follow it. List app is the Tour de France of social media (hopefully without the drigs)