@pili_ervin inspired this list by his list recommending 'The Detectorists' and asking if there are any other comedies we are keeping secret. I am just focusing on modern ones there are plenty of old ones worth listing about too please other British listers add to this list.
  1. Gavin and Stacey
    James Corden before he was slim and went over to the states. Set in South Wales and London clash of cultures both very funny and sentimental.
  2. Hebburn
    Another clash of cultures based on British regions. Set in the unique town of Hebburn and it's culture. I lived and worked there so have a personal connection
  3. The Thick of it
    Political comedy (warning not for those who don't appreciate swearing. See Doctor Who in a different light) charting the behind the scenes world of a government minister and thier department.
  4. The IT crowd
    Two IT needs in a basement of a big company perfectly happy until a new manager is imposed on them. Very funny
  5. Spaced
    A bit older than the rest but brilliant the adventures of 3 nerdy housemates loads of cult scfi references. The Corneto trilogy of movies came from the same comic minds of Nick frost and Simon Peg
  6. Black books
    Comply set I an independent book store trying to survive against the odds. With more exciting coffee serving bean bag providing store opens up.
  7. Inside number 9
    More a dark comic drama than straight comedy individual tails set behind different doors with number 9 on them.
  8. These are just some of my suggestions with a day to think it over. NB. Sorry no photos except Gavin and Stacey my List app has suddenly stop giving me the option to put in photos or GIFs etc.
  9. Stella UK
    Suggested by @jannychan
  10. Hilarious!
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  11. The Trip and the Trip Italy
    With Rob Brydon and Steve Cogan beautiful humour food and scenery