Sporting atmosphere I would love to experience.

there are many sporting atmospheres that I would love to experience. I love watching North American sports but have to plead ignorence of the great atmospheres US The finalside of the pond please enlighten me.
  1. England playing a tournament football game at Wembley
  2. Tour de France on the Alp d'Heuz
    13 bends of natural sporting stadium would have to hang out with the Dutch.
  3. El classico
    Real Madrid vrs Barcelona is there a bigger match in Europe
  4. El Superclásico Outside Europe it's Boca Juniors vrs River plate
  5. Australia vrs New Zealand at rugby union wallabies vrs the all blacks
    Could anyone suggest which is the best venue to watch this? Wherever it would be amazing.
  6. The final day of the Open at St Andrew's
    The most iconic golf tournament at the most iconic course
  7. Stockport county playing the FA cup final at Wembley
    You can but dream
  8. The Monaco Grand prix
    Not the greatest motor sport fan but this would be great.
  9. Wimbledon final on central court
    A very different atmosphere to many but we'll worth it I feel.
  10. Final day of an ashes test at Lords
    Obviously England winning it.
  11. Ice hockey: Canada v USA in the gold medal game, Winter Olympics
    Suggested by   @Diplomatic_diva