Story behind my profile picture

  1. On holiday in Turkey
  2. Staying in an nice family resort
    I am past the the idea that I am a cool traveller
  3. Water slides
    I still love them
  4. Thompson the Dog
    Sorry Caption T and the superdogs
  5. Some rain early on
    We are from Manchester we take rain where ever we go
  6. We went on a day trip to Dalyan it's on a river that runs to the sea
    Very beautiful
  7. Went on a boat too hunt for Sea Turtles
  8. Saw Lucian Tombs c.400bc
    These are a spectacle
  9. Saw very far off😢 Roman town Kaunos
    Sad I could not visit
  10. Saw lots of reeds
  11. Went though a turtle protection station
  12. Just fish no turtles😢
  13. It's a turtle
  14. After a hard day hunting turtles the boat took us to turtle beach to relax
  15. As the sun set on our adventure they took us back
  16. I sat on the front of boat and relaxed