+what made you smile?
  1. Our older people tea and bingo group
    Chance for local older people to reduce isolation but boy do they like their bingo
  2. How clean are carpets are now after we used the carpet cleaner
    It's summer holiday chance for a big clean
  3. The big den made by the children in our affordable childcare project
    Using bed sheets and tables
  4. Finding this on my seat when I got in the office on Wednesday morning.
  5. This big tray of brownies being delivered to our door
    We are part of an organisation called fair share that redistributes food to charities that would be thrown out anyway. I pulled back the plastic to find a mountain of chocolate
  6. What made you smile at work this week????
  7. My office offers yoga once a week, and I typically attend because YAY yoga, but it also keeps me from murdering anyone. At one point the instructor said "resist the urge to run away," and I smiled thinking "how did you know??"
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  8. The super serious guy who shows no emotion has fun socks
    What he lacks in facial expressions he apparently makes up for in footwear
    Suggested by @Schmidiot