1. Stop hitting mummy with a hammer
  2. Can you stop using your brothers shoe as a spade
  3. Stop licking the mirror
  4. If you don't eat more of your crisps/chips you won't get any pudding
  5. Stop kissing the car
  6. I've told your brother and I'm telling you stop waving the potato skin around
  7. Stop trying to eat the telescope.
  8. Don't complain there is enough space to bury both of you!
  9. Don't put your head on every step just climb the stairs.
  10. If you're going to kick each other, take your shoes off!
    Suggested by @angieandrews
  11. Get your hand out of the grape juice
    Suggested by @camkuhl
  12. Is that poop?!?
    The answer is always yes.. 😒
    Suggested by @shanaz
  13. No penis aquarium! (2 little boys, a bathtub, a clear Tupperware container, and no other bath toys available)
    Suggested by @Timbo__f
  14. Stop trying to eat mommy's shoes!
    Suggested by @ilbeylee
  15. Put your clothes on and go inside! Only puppies go poo in the garden, honey.
    Suggested by @jessayn