where I work has the pleasure of being turned into a polling station for UK votes. I also live in the area so can vote at work
  1. Isn't Democracy great
  2. I hope people turn out to vote
  3. When people are leaving over hearing far too many saying they are voting out
  4. More people voting than normal but still terrible turnout in Openshaw don't people realise how important it is.
  5. Went with wife and son to vote great privilege to show my 3 year old son democracy in action.
  6. Marked my ballot something so simple but so important.
  7. People moaning about having to use pencils. We have always used pencils in an election.
    Campaign now started to bring your own Pen so your vote can't be rubbed out I liked the suggestion on twitter to bring your own laminator. Only through social media could this campaign get going
  8. A couple I know said they cancelled each others vote out. Like them both now left wondering which one disagrees with me.
  9. Lord Mayor dropped by my only objection is he looks younger than me
    Aren't Lord Mayors meant to be old.
  10. Some one walked in now our office reeks of canabis
    Spliff anyone to clear your mind before voting
  11. One of the exit Poll people has brought the daily mail to read. Surrey this counts as bringing political propaganda into a polling station legal?
  12. It's end of work time and we have our first lines of people.
  13. In the end it was great to see so many people of Openshaw exercise there democratic right.
  14. Worried about the out vote in Openshaw but doubt we are representative of the population (fingers crossed )