a list for @Grosstastic @savoy @Diplomatic_diva pleas add anyone else who might contribute.
  1. I think the right baker was eliminated - the rest of the contestants seemed very talented! Some of those cakes were A-MA-ZING! 🍰
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  2. Yeah he was rubbish could not live with the rest.
  3. @Diplomatic_diva jaffa cakes was great allways thought they just came in a packet. The bloke who did them upside down dooooh
  4. Loved it as usual. My favourite so far has to be Selasi. He's so calm but seems to be a brilliant baker!
    Suggested by @alexim
  5. Selasi is a bit calm for my though I like that he is not phased by Paul and Mary @Diplomatic_diva @alexim
    That was another good episode! Who knew that baking biscuits (or cookies for our North American friends!) would be so tricky!!! Some of the showstoppers were like watching a train crash though - or a disaster movie..!
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
    I missed the first 20 minutes because I was working late! 😢 It looked like it was a tough week, with lots of uncooked dough... The technical challenge was hella difficult but some of the showstoppers were A-MA-ZING! Plaited bread looks so good when it is done well.
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva