Travel photos from trip to World Heritage site Fountains Abbey Yorkshire England.

last weekend we went to the National Trust's site Fountains Abbey it is truely magnificent.
  1. Enter through the modern entrance.
  2. It was a gloriously sunny day
    So unusual for Northern England we did well.
  3. It's a national Trust property they often have great adventure playgrounds
    You have to do before the kids will let you at the world heritage site
  4. More adventure playground shots.....
  5. And more
    Kids loved it
  6. Den building
    A must for small kids and big kids alike
  7. Finished
  8. Play done Daddies turn first view of the Abbey
  9. The tower of v the Abbey sticks out from the trees
    The Abbey was founded 1100's
  10. More....
  11. The outside of the main naive of the Abbey church
  12. More...
  13. The river coming into the Abbey
    A true life line
  14. Medieval sewers
  15. A side chapel
    Still magnificent
  16. More...
  17. Medieval water trough
  18. What an undercroft what a roof
  19. More...
  20. Surviving wall of chapter house
  21. Another great roof
  22. Inside of the chapter house
  23. More in the chapter house
  24. A window and column
  25. Entrance to the main church.
  26. What huge columns in the main church.
  27. Great Tower hard to do justice to with List square crop
  28. More colomn and arches truely outstanding
  29. The shadows cast by this great building made it.
  30. View down the river from the Abbey infirmary
  31. More back inside
  32. View as we walk away from the Abbey going to the water Garden
  33. Just when you think you have seen it all you get the wonders of the 18 00's water gardens
  34. More
  35. The view from the Cafe at the end of our Adventure ice creams all round.