Saw some lists of Video Games wanted to draft my own list. Will be redrafted I am sure when I think of one's. please do suggest ideas in particular modern games to waste my life with now.
  1. Spy Catcher Spectrum ZX
    Great car driving game with add on weapons and adaptions. That moment when you drove down the slip way and turned into a boat magical. Also took over life through the time it took to load off a tape deck.
  2. Ski
    A little shareware game first played on a 386 pc take your stock man down the hill either downhill slalom or freestyle. Constant trying to shave seconds of your time. Very similar to many of today's apps.
  3. Lemmings & Oh no not more lemmings
    Great game saving those little blighters all with their different skills.Played on proper floppy disks (when they were still floppy) swop in the disks when you reached certain levels
  4. Parnoid
    Another pc share ware game version of block breaker with paddle and ball.
  5. Wolfenstien 3D
    The forerunner of many a 1st person shooter. The lack of a map function and dogs jumping from behind doors meant many hours wasted. But where else did you get to kill a robotic Hitler
  6. Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2
    The classic find and click puzzle adventures very funny too
  7. Championship Manager and sequals
    Hours spent on 486 PC taking lowly football teams to the top. Many years wasted. How they fitted in so much stats who knows
  8. Sensible world of Soccer
    Best football game ever. Why you can't get it as an app I will never know. Loved playing as Ryan Greggs
  9. Sim City and sequals
    Great being able to design your own cities. Though watch out for Godziller! And not enough water pumps.
  10. Civilisation
    Changing the course of history was so much fun but took so much time. Fight or develop was always the question.
  11. Tony hawks pro skater 3
    What a game many hours and stiff thumbs. Racking up the points and developing your skaters.
  12. Pro evolution soccer 2
    Took football gaming to a new level. How ever many hours spent never as good as my friends
  13. Mario kart Wii
    Great game competition against friends and family Go Yoshi.
  14. Mini clip 8 ball pool
    Most up to date game on the list still always feel I can win back my coins.