thanks to @jenniferm who requested this I find places that share the same name separated by miles fascinating.
  1. The City of Durham ( North East England )
    Ancient medieval city centre of both religious and political power the home of the "Prince Bishops"
  2. The Castle and Cathedral sit side by side
    A UNESCO world heritage site.
  3. The Cathedral is truely stunning and a wonder of the world in my eyes.
  4. More pics taken by me this October of Durham cathedral
  5. More pics
  6. More pics
  7. More Pics
  8. More Pics
  9. More pics
  10. It's a city based round a u bend in the river very small population and gets it's city status from the ancient university castle and Cathedral
  11. Bill Bryson rates it as one of the great views in the world
  12. The university is one of the oldest in Britain and based round a number of colleges
  13. I went to John's college one of the smallest colleges
    Here is me on a recent visit at the front door of my college
  14. I got to live in my first year in these wonderful Georgian terraces with views of the Cathedral
    Studied Archaeology
  15. It's not a big partying university with only two small clubs in the city but with many great pubs and bars.
    Suited me
  16. The university itself is a real southern enclave in the north.
  17. Students are often said to be made up of those who did not get into Oxford or Cambridge.
  18. The city itself is really only designed for students and tourism.
  19. My 3 years there were a great other worldly experience where rowing, wearing gowns for meals and going to formal balls were normal.
  20. Once I left and lived in the area I realised the world around it is very different
  21. The county of Durham is very like Durham USA built on an industrial heritage (of particularly coal mining )
  22. This died in the 1980's and left a legacy of many issues of deprivation and unemployment in quite a rural setting.
  23. However the people of County Durham are some of the friendliest in the world
  24. So like Durham USA I see Durham as A tale of two cities both great places to live work and study.