1. Gawker
    I read it so much it show up TWICE on my "most visited" tab in Chrome
  2. AV Club
    At least 5 times a day
  3. TSTOAddicts
    I have a slight problem with the iOS game "The Simpsons: Tapped Out"
  4. Yahoo Fantasy Football
    I use it enough half the year that it stays up the for the rest
  5. Drudge Report
    Sure, his politics are poison nonsense, but Matt Drudge is the best aggregator in the business
  6. Facebook
    Although this app is SERIOUSLY eating into how much time I spend on it. Good job @dev and @bjnovak
  7. Curbed
    I am fascinated by LA real estate. Fun fact: I found my dad his current house through a Cubed article
  8. Uncrate
    Mostly to help my girlfriend find gifts for her coworkers
  9. CNN
    I know, it's #basic as hell
  10. Obey Giant
    I buy too many prints