One more, before this goes public
  1. Pipsqueak knows this awesome documentary that you guys have to watch
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  2. Bertram is down for whatever
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  3. Hamilton can bring you some food if you want
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  4. Ploppy and Poopy think it's cool that your roommate works late
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  5. Jubjub just wants to see where the night leads
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  6. Peppers likes your look. Like, a whole lot
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  7. Benji just got out of a relationship, so he's not looking for anything else serious
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  8. Bongo is bringing over a couple of other chicks of that's cool
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  9. Tumberly has this thing early tomorrow, so probably won't stay over
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  10. Hubcap thinks it's so hard to find someone cool, but thinks that you're, like, really cool
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  11. Porkchop is totally clean. You?
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