12 Delightful Piglets Who Are Down for Netflix and Chill

One more, before this goes public
  1. Pipsqueak knows this awesome documentary that you guys have to watch
  2. Bertram is down for whatever
  3. Hamilton can bring you some food if you want
  4. Ploppy and Poopy think it's cool that your roommate works late
  5. Jubjub just wants to see where the night leads
  6. Peppers likes your look. Like, a whole lot
  7. Benji just got out of a relationship, so he's not looking for anything else serious
  8. Bongo is bringing over a couple of other chicks of that's cool
  9. Tumberly has this thing early tomorrow, so probably won't stay over
  10. Hubcap thinks it's so hard to find someone cool, but thinks that you're, like, really cool
  11. Porkchop is totally clean. You?