12 Gentle Manatees That Are Currently Deciding Your Fate In The Jury Room

  1. Manatee #3 thinks it would have been impossible for you to strike the victim from that angle.
  2. Manatee #7 wonders if the testimony of the neighbor across the hall is reliable.
  3. Manatee #6 is giving himself a tummy rub.
  4. Manatee #1 just wants this to end, as he has an important manatee baseball game to attend later this evening.
  5. Manatee #8 believes that even the smallest bit of doubt deserves to be explored.
  6. Manatee #2 and manatee #11 wonder what role your upbringing has to do with your reputed actions.
  7. Manatee #9 thinks they should order Indian for lunch.
  8. Manatee #10 is prejudiced against everything that you are and that you stand for.
  9. Manatee #12 can't wait for his book deal after this.
  10. Manatee #5 believes it's his patriotic duty to see that you receive a fair trial.
  11. Manatee #4 thinks you're guilty as hell.