5 Worst Barbie Accessories of All Time

Inspired by @TVAddict
  1. My First Foreclosed Dream House
    Released in early 2008, this edition of the ever popular "Dream House" was NOT what a country reeling from a financial crisis needed. Came with three additional houses that Barbie bought using the same subprime loan.
  2. "My Daddy Is Richer Than Your Daddy" Skipper
    Mattel attempted to market this doll exclusively to the children of America's financial elite, complete with dressage horse, boarding school, and European boyfriend named "Frederick."
  3. Chappaquiddick Ken
    I understand Mattel likes teaching history through their Barbie product line, but this dark tribute to the Kennedy family legacy was a step too far.
  4. Barbie's Converted Bedroom/Home Office
    This playset proved wildly unpopular with fans, but now fetches a small fortune on eBay.
  5. "Just A Whole Pile Of Shrimp" Barbie
    A failed attempt by the manufacturer to capitalize on the Australian craze of the 80s, this plastic doll packed with eight pounds of raw, unrefrigerated Gulf Coast shrimp was recalled almost as soon as it was launched.